Bake cheaply instead of buying expensive: bread machine in comparison

According to the German Bread Institute, approximately 21 kilograms of bread are consumed per capita each year. From breakfast rolls to evening sandwiches, this versatile dish is one of the most popular foods in Germany.

Baking the bread yourself instead of buying it from the baker or in the supermarket has many advantages: On the one hand, you are completely free in the composition of your dough. At the same time, you always know what ingredients are hiding in your bread. The harmful substance acrylamide often forms in starchy baked goods that have been overheated.

When it comes to baking bread, the motto is: strength lies in stillness. Bread machines (to be tested) take a lot of work out of you. The device not only kneads the dough for you, but also bakes the bread. You can choose from different programs for a wide variety of dough types, such as gluten-free baked goods. If you now also use ingredients that you have mixed yourself instead of bread mix, you can make your own bread. Many machines also have separate dispensers for this, for example for nuts, raisins or yeast.

Good things take time, unfortunately that also applies to baking bread. In addition to the dough, which often has to rise for several hours, the baking itself also takes some time. Therefore, some are equipped with a start delay. Here you only set when the bread should be ready, the rest is then done by the machine.

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