AVM Releases FritzOS 7.50: Mega Update Brings Over 150 Innovations

The next big FritzBox firmware update, FritzOS 7.50, has been deployed since December 1st. He brings free 150 new features and improvements for different FritzBox models.

AVM chooses a phased rollout for FritzOS 7.50. From today, as the first model, the FritzBox 7590 bring to the new firmware. All other current FritzBox models, repeaters and powerline products should receive the step-by-step update. AVM did not name a time period.

FritzApps are already prepared for innovations. You can easily get the update via the FritzBox user interface. This is either the automatic update function or a mouse click on “Start update” on the FritzBox overview screen.
You don’t have a FritzBox 7590? If you can’t wait for the launch of FritzOS 7.50 for your FritzBox, you can already get a taste of the innovations. Lab Firmware 7.39 is required. This is, so to speak, the test environment for everything AVM gets with FritzOS 7.50. Once updated, you can use the new features of FritzOS 7.50 in advance and, if you wish, you can quickly revert to the final firmware when it is available for your WLAN router.

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