Avatar 2: James Cameron shares set photos from the long-awaited sequel

After a decade of production, delays, and headlines, the Avatar sequels feel a lot more real as director James Cameron released new photos from the set of the highly anticipated Avatar 2.

One picture shows a view of a Cameron standing next to Edie Falco’s General Ardmore on the flight deck of a kite warship from the first film. The photos also show a glimpse of the sequel’s ambitious underwater performance capture scenes. Check out the photos below.

The photos were revealed by THIS ONEwho also spoke to Cameron about the Avatar sequel journey. Cameron called the process “kind of crazy,” which makes sense since the sequel entered the planning stage back in 2012. The situation of this franchise is also unique in that we already know that Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all on the way. We also know that the Avatar sequels cost $ 1 billion to produce, which is $ 250 million per film.

The EW feature reveals that Avatar 2 and 3 will be a love letter to the sea that Cameron explored in his 1997 hit Titanic.

“I do the ocean thing when I’m not making films,” said Cameron. “So if I could combine my two greatest loves, one of which is ocean exploration and the other is making feature films, why shouldn’t I?”

This fits in with the plot details leaked over the sequel. As we learned earlier, Avatar 2 will focus on Jake Sully and his new family exploring new areas of Pandora, including spending plenty of time in and around the water. We also saw concept art for The Crabsuit, a large, crab-like submarine that is part of the Avatar sequels.

Avatar sequel concept art revealed

In September last year, filming of Avatar 2 was completed, and filming of Avatar 3 was also nearing its end. At some point, Avatar 2 should be released this Friday, but the current release date is December 16, 2022. Avatar 3 is scheduled for December 20, 2024, Avatar 4 is scheduled for December 2026, and Avatar 5 is December 2028.

The films aren’t the only Avatar projects in the works either. Ubisoft is making Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, a video game that, according to the developers, will focus on “world discovery and nature”.

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