Autumn and Winter Hikes: What’s Important Now

What were we complaining about when our parents said, “We’re going for a hike on Sunday, kids.” But the older you get, the more you get out of hiking. Clean air, beautiful landscapes, unspoiled nature and physical balance to a sedentary office job: hiking has a lot to offer and is therefore one of our favorite hobbies.

According to a Statista statistic (base: AWA), there was a shortage in 2020 7.03 million people among the German-speaking population aged 14 and over, who often go hiking in their free time. There are still about 31.8 millionwho go hiking at least once in a while. almost together 40 million wanderingr in this country. Hiking is also one of the favorite forms of vacation for Germans. According to Statista, there were approximately 17 million Hiking as the main activity of their trip. This makes it the fourth most popular type of vacation.

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