Attention, National Warning Day: Don’t worry, at 11 a.m. the cell phone will sound the alarm at full volume.

With the sheer volume of messages, texting tends to be discreet on phones today, and users also have a variety of ways to keep text messages at bay. However, this is not very suitable for disaster warning, as as many people as possible need to be informed quickly.

CB reports therefore appear in the form of clearly visible messages on the screen of the mobile telephone. At the same time, the reception triggers a warning signal on the mobile phone, which is played at full volume.

This starts regardless of the selected volume settings. So even if your phone is in silent mode, you will still hear the alarm for the highest level alerts.

Important: The test warning is sent at the highest danger level, these messages cannot be blocked by device settings. What’s possible: If you put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off, alerts can’t be sent and you’re at peace.

Downlevel test alerts are not enabled on iOS. Test warnings can be activated in the settings under “Notifications”. You have to scroll all the way down to do this. With Android, the settings are under “Security and Emergencies”, there is a separate item called “Disaster Warnings”.

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