At the turn of the year: why you should read your electricity and gas meters now

Many municipal utilities and energy providers want to increase electricity and gas prices from January 1, 2023. In the case of electricity tariffs, the energy price is sometimes doubled. This tears gigantic financial holes in household budgets.

Consumers should mainly look for cheap suppliers. Basic providers are often cheaper than supposed discount electricity providers.

Our editors advise you: Households can either commission a company to find a new supplier or compare the tariffs themselves, for example using online tariff calculators.

The annual consumption of electricity or gas, which appears on the end-of-year bill, is important for this. The Federal Network Agency advises those wishing to change supplier not to simply compare the price of different suppliers for the delivery of gas to their own place of residence.

Notice periods and contractual conditions also differ. The shorter the contract, the more flexible customers are and the rate may be more expensive.

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