At 80 he becomes the Hulk: Harrison Ford becomes the Anti-Avenger

Hurt has been seen five times in the role, which apparently always aims high. Ross first appeared as a general in The Incredible Hulk. He has always climbed the ranks and was most recently US Secretary of State in “Avengers: Endgame”. In the two new MCU projects “Thunderbolts” and “Captain America: New World Order”, Ross is already President of the United States – played by Harrison Ford.

Of course, comic book fans know that Ross is much more than that. Thanks to the AIM organization, he was able to transform into the Red Hulk, one of the Hulk’s sworn enemies by Bruce Banner. Since ‘Thunderbolts’ brings together a number of villains, Ross ‘would now have had a great time in the MCU as well. An actor who comes from home jumping around his house and tearing up cars is therefore not necessary.

Both MCU movies are set to hit theaters in 2024. Then Harrison Ford will be 82 years old.

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