Ari Fletcher talks about saying goodbye to relationships despite the length, quality, or circumstances of the past

Ari Fletcher took some time Thursday to talk about the end of relationships and the beauty of moving on. She posted two tweets on the subject on Twitter. It’s unclear what inspired the thought process, but people are slowly but surely clinging to the words. Within an hour of posting, both tweets together garnered more than 8,000 likes.

“Y’all … just because someone had a baby with someone, was dating someone for a long time, or has a deep history does NOT mean they have to be with them forever or that they will have lifelong bonds,” Ari wrote. “People move on, love again, have more children and live a new and better life!”

Although Ari doesn’t mention it, she can also relate to the people she describes. As you may already know, Ari was once with G Herbo and the two now share a baby boy named Yosohn. Since their relationship ended, both Ari and G Herbo have built new and independent lives.

After G Herbo, Ari publicly dated Gervonta Davis. But it’s her relationship with MoneyBagg Yo that sparked #relationshipgoals for girls everywhere. Earlier this year, Ari donated 28.8 acres of land to MoneyBagg for his 30th birthday. In a recent video, MoneyBagg Yo says, “She doesn’t play that shit. All these shit mines back here. That’s crazy.”

While we’ve also seen lavish gifts from him to her, their relationship has brought MoneyBagg’s loving side to the public. In October, he showed her public support by tweeting “U beautiful inside and out” in response to her tweet to Trolls. Even so, it is fair that Ari should see the light at the end of a separation tunnel.

“Just because you idolized a relationship doesn’t mean it should be,” Ari said in her second tweet on Thursday. “Trust me when I tell you that people are not together for a reason. Many breakups go much deeper than you think you know. “

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