Are wireless headphones still worth it? The advantages and strong models at a glance

Our expert editors searched for recommended wireless headphones based on the popularity of the devices and their user rating on Amazon. Majority of users agreed: wireless headphones Thomson WHP3001BK offer the best value for money. In addition to the low price, customers praise the very good range and the convincing sound quality. The Thomson model can also score points with good wearing comfort. There is some catching up to do with analog transmission, which is quite prone to breakdowns, criticize users. In addition, the maximum volume is not particularly high.

Other wireless headphones that have convinced Amazon users: Das Sony model MDR-RF895RK from the mid-range, which impresses above all with a long battery life and good sound quality. the Sennheiser RS175 are also very popular. The device impresses with excellent sound quality, trouble-free transmission and impressive battery life.

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