Are headphones allowed in the car? These are the biggest traffic mistakes of the Germans

One-way streets do not apply to cyclists

“A fatal misconception”, says David Koßmann of the bicycle press service (pdf-f). One-way streets also apply to cyclists and can only be used in both directions if traffic in the opposite direction is expressly authorized by a corresponding sign.

Cycle paths can be used in both directions

This is not true, or it only works if the cycle paths are expressly approved in both directions with a corresponding sign. Otherwise, you are a wrong-way driver!

The green arrow is like a green light

This is wrong, the green right turn arrow should be treated as a stop sign: “You have to stop at the green arrow, pay attention to the intersection and then turn right”, explains Herbert Engelmohr of Automobile Germany club (AvD). Turning without stopping is treated as ignoring a stop sign.

You can also go directly through a roundabout

No, unless you are traveling with a particularly long vehicle. Small circles in cities often have flat central islands. “But they can only be run over by particularly long vehicles or teams that otherwise could not drive on the roundabout,” says Engelmohr. Failure to comply will result in a fine of 35 euros.

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