Viggo Mortensen – most famous for playing Aragorn in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings – seemingly forgotten all about Amazon’s spin-off The Rings of Power TV show.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reportersas spotted by GameSpotMortensen was asked if he was going to watch The Rings of Power prequel, which is set 1,000 years before The Lord of the Rings.

“What is that?”, he replied. “The TV thing? It’s with Apple, or something?”

The reporter explained the show was being made by Amazon and is thought to be one of the most expensive TV shows ever made, with costs estimated to be north of $1 billion.

“Oh, right. Yeah, I’ll watch that,” Mortensen confirmed, though immediately enquired about the lore. “Do you know what source material they’re using? What were they allowed to use?”, he asked.

Upon being caught up and learning it was connected with the Tolkien estate, Mortensen’s official verdict was in. “That’s cool”, he said. “It’ll be fun to see.”

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