Apple MacBook Test 2020: The best MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in the test

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air M1 2020 review

Apple now only offers two current MacBook lines. On the one hand there is the entry-level MacBook with 12 inches and the powerful Pro versions with 13 and 15 inches. But an old acquaintance, the MacBook Air, is still far ahead. We compare Apple laptops and show which device is suitable for whom.

Quiet, noble – and therefore expensive

The MacBook is the thinnest member of the Apple family. With its 12-inch screen, it is handy and offers great mobility. A slimmer Apple laptop is currently not on the market. You can choose from chic rose gold, gold, space gray and silver colors. With a passively cooled Core m3-7Y32 (7th generation), performance is sufficient for web browsing, office automation and rudimentary image processing.

It always looks green Apple MacBookAir to be. The design and features have remained unchanged since 2015, and at a price of around 999 euros, it’s a cheap entry-level model – at least in the Apple ecosystem. Convenience: The MacBook Air has yet to fall victim to today’s interface minimalism and offers decent processor performance thanks to the Intel Core i5 (5th Gen).

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s most powerful laptop: a Core i7-7820HQ of the current Kaby Lake generation works on it and an AMD Radeon Pro 560 is used as a dedicated graphics card. In addition, 16 GB of RAM is available. Thus, the laptop offers plenty of performance.
Smallest MacBook of the bunch comes in Rose Gold, Gold, Space Gray and Silver

Smallest MacBook of the bunch comes in Rose Gold, Gold, Space Gray and Silver

Image source: Apple

Each MacBook is aimed at different target groups. It’s like that Macbook Air Recommended for those looking for an inexpensive entry-level Mac who can compromise on performance and display resolution. Anyone who uses their laptop primarily for simple tasks like surfing the internet and watching movies and expects a chic, customizable design is well advised with the new MacBook. The powerful MacBook Pro is aimed at anyone who also uses their laptop for work and uses professional photo and video editing programs, for example.

MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro in comparison

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