Apple announced a new one Self-service repair programso that customers within the ecosystem can make their own repairs to their devices.

Beginning early next year, Apple will begin selling tools, parts, and instructions to customers brave enough to repair an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 series phone. Supported repairs include replacing the display, battery, or camera. More repair options will be added later in the year. Apple also plans to launch products for those who want to fix an M1-powered Mac themselves in the future, though you can also have these services performed at an Apple Store or a third-party repair facility.

While Apple will begin offering a DIY repair option for those who want to repair their Apple device themselves, the tech giant states in a recent press release that the program targets people “with the knowledge and experience of electronic devices to repair”. It also encouraged “the vast majority” of its customers to contact a professional at either an Apple Store or a third-party repair facility when they have an Apple device in need of repair.

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While this is a huge win for those who support the right to repair, the problem of voiding your equipment warranty still remains when doing do-it-yourself repairs. TechCrunch Notes that doing these repairs yourself will not void your warranty, but damaging your device during the self-repairs is still a problem. IGN reached out to Apple to determine if accidental damage while performing a self-repair would not be eligible for warranty for a device goes out.

Apple’s self-service repair program will initially be launched in the United States and then expanded to other countries.

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