If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the glory days of Will Ferrell comedies like Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Stepbrothers, director Adam McKay has an answer, “I screwed it up.”

In a long and tart profile piece of Vanity fair, succinctly titled “Who the hell cares about Adam McKay?” The longtime director, producer and writer spoke about his career before the release of his latest dark comedy “Don’t Look Up”.

McKay and Ferrell were recruited to the SNL set that same week in the mid-1990s, and the two later became close business partners who worked together on the script for Anchorman. McKay and Ferrell’s partnership resulted in some of the most popular comedies of the 2000s, including the aforementioned Talladega Nights, Stepbrothers, and The Other Guys. McKay and Ferrell similarly founded Funny or Die, the web-based comedy production house, in 2007.

After the production of the Broadway show “You’re Welcome, America”, Ferrell and McKay’s relationship began to break down due to different professional interests. As Vanity Fair describes it, McKay began to take on more roles in the production of film and television projects, often with Ferrell. Meanwhile, Ferrell was only interested in producing more Will Ferrell-style comedies and did not have the “range” required to produce it.

“All the time we’ve been doing [production studio] Gary Sanchez, ”says McKay, referring to the film production company they co-founded.

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