An avatar MMORPG is coming to mobile devices

If the words “Avatar Mobile MMORPG” excite you, I have good news. Avatar: Reckoning is a new “multiplayer online role-playing shooter” based on Disney and James Cameron’s Avatar franchise, coming to iOS and Android this year.

Players create their character (or avatar avatar) and travel to never-before-seen parts of Pandora, meeting new Na’vi clans, battling RDA human troops and encountering other alien creatures. Players can do all of this in either single or multiplayer matches, leveling up their character, equipping new gear, and completing single player story missions, co-op missions, or PvP modes with touchscreen battles.

The game is also based on the Unreal Engine 4.

Photo credits: Archosaur Games, Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment, Disney

Photo credits: Archosaur Games, Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment, Disney

Accompanying the announcement is a single piece of concept art depicting a Na’vi overlooking the horizon on Pandora while brandishing an assault rifle and clad in camouflage.

Avatar: Reckoning is developed by Archosaur Games and produced by Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney. Archosaurs is a Chinese mobile games studio with previous games like Dragon Raja, World of Kings and Novoland: The Castle in the Sky and Naval Creed.

That’s it for the main details, but you can visit the official Avatar: Reckoning Website to sign up for a beta test and get news.

Meanwhile, over in filmland, We’re finally getting a glimpse of what James Cameron’s Avatar 2 will look like. We also learn some plot details, such as the fact that the original protagonists Jake Sully and Neytiri now have a mixed species family, including an adopted human son.

If mobile gaming isn’t your thing, there’s always Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the upcoming open-world adventure game from Ubisoft. It uses an updated version of Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine, which Ubisoft uses to add denser vegetation and more realistic clouds and other weather effects to improve Pandora’s look on next-gen systems.

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