Amazon Will Discontinue Convenience Service Soon: Customers Still Need to Respond Now

Customers currently using Amazon’s Dash Replenishment can change their subscription to Alexa Skill until January 11, 2023. To do so, the new service must be activated in the Alexa app for the desired devices. Then the desired replenishment product can be selected and order requests can be configured. The user is then automatically logged out of the Dash replenishment service.

Users who don’t upgrade to Alexa Skill by January 11 this year will opt out of Dash Replenishment at the end of March – with no alternative. It’s unclear if there’s a possibility for forgetful customers to activate Alexa Skill later – possibly by an Amazon service employee.

As it stands, customers who don’t use an Alexa-enabled device will look down with the service going forward.

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