Amazon Prime Video: Do ​​you know these handy features?

Amazon Prime offers countless content on the streaming platform. The problem: there are often two or even three versions of a film or series. The series specially produced by Amazon”Hunters“, for example, comes in three variations. Here you have to pay close attention to the title. “dt./OV” brings you the synchronized or original version of the content on the screen. Then there are two more variations with a 4K resolution: One without additional label behind which hides the German sync and one with the note “OV/OmU”, which stands for soundtrack with subtitles (here in German and English selectable).

The particularity: it may happen that one of the contents is available via Prime at no additional cost, while you have to pay for another. So be sure to check Amazon’s search bar first to see if you can get a good deal if you opt for the original audio track with subtitles.

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