Amazon headphones on sale: How good are the Echo Buds 2?

True wireless in-ear headphones are now available from nearly every major electronics manufacturer. The prices vary enormously. While you can get good cheap models from 50 euros, you pay more than 200 euros for the current test winner from Sony.

With a standard price of around 120 euros, Amazon’s Echo Buds 2 were in the upper middle range. In our expert’s test, the true wireless in-ear headphones received an overall rating of “good” (rating 2.1). In addition to Alexa voice control, our testers praise battery life of nearly 5 hours on a single charge. Thanks to the variable attachments, the headphones have a secure hold and are therefore also suitable for athletes.

The test center criticizes the somewhat leaky ANC, which could be significantly better for the price of more than 100 euros. The price assessment is therefore only “acceptable”. Apple’s well-known AirPods Pro are significantly more expensive at just under $200. In the test, the headphones from Apple were rated “very good” (rating 1.4). Amazon is currently unable to keep up with the big players with its own Echo Buds 2.

Our verdict at the time of the test

“The Amazon Echo Buds can score points in the second version with nice equipment including earplugs and earbuds in different sizes, Alexa voice control as well as a secure fit and good battery life. However, They also make a few blunders. These include an acoustic crackle when using the touchpad or the urge to install the Alexa app. In terms of quality, neither the sound nor the deletion noise reduction (ANC) were only convincing in the test. Especially with regard to the price range, they should be of a significantly higher quality. Comparatively little is offered here.

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