Amazon Echo Show 5: Smart speaker at a fair price

In addition to the speakerphone with Alexa control, the Amazon Echo Show 5 also offers a 5.5-inch (14cm) screen with a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels and a 2-megapixel front camera, which can be mechanically hidden and extinguished with a flap apart. With the Echo Show 5 it is not only possible to listen to music, but also to watch videos or have video conversations via Skype or Alexa drop-in, for example.

If you want to be able to see related covers as well as graphical weather information and news for your music, the Echo Show 5 might also be the device for you. In addition, it is ideal as an alarm clock because it has a snooze tab function.

Our assessment:

With the Amazon Echo Show 5 you can enter the world of Alexa including the screen. He looks great on the bedside table or the desk – you just have to be aware that he’s always on the lookout for his buzzword to help you out. This may not always be desirable, especially in the bedroom.

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