Always a perfect network, even on the move: WLAN routers for cars and motorhomes

Individual holidays in mobile homes and caravans are booming, at least that’s what figures from the Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD) show. For the CIVD, the reason for this boom is obvious: “With a mobile home or caravan, you travel individually and only with people from your own household and are largely independent thanks to your own living, sleeping, kitchen and toilets.”

Anyone who is on the go with his “own living room” naturally does not want to miss many of the things that make him comfortable at home. Among other things, perhaps not without the latest episodes of his favorite Netflix series. But if you want to follow streaming offers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or Magenta on the notebook in good quality, you need a stable Internet connection at your stand. There may be free or paid Wi-Fi at campsites. But many motorhomes often move and stay outside of these facilities.

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