Also useful for vegetarians and vegans: the best meat grinders

Our partner “AllesBeste” took a closer look at 15 meat machines. Testing criteria included evaluation of meat chopping, handling, speed and motor power.

In the meat grinder test, the FW2000 enclosure for about 130 euros against the competition. The device weighs 5.7 kilograms and is therefore one of the heavyweights in the test. The weight is also its great strength, as the heavy body prevents it from slipping during treatment. The meat grinder also scores points with a sharp stainless steel blade and an 800 watt motor. Small things bothered: The Caso FW2000 runs very loudly and there is also no safety switch.

If you don’t want to dig so deep into your wallet, you’ll be happy with the price-performance trick: it’s available for around 50 euros. 200500 Lurch Base & Soul. The meat machine is light and handy and can be cleaned in no time. However, this model reveals its weaknesses when preparing minced meat.

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