Alleged support for a number of smartphones: WhatsApp rejects reports

WhatsApp keeps increasing the system requirements for its messenger. In particular, the operating system version is crucial. According to a report by “Gizchina”, it should be back on January 1, 2023. Android 4.1 should then no longer be enough to use WhatsApp.

As part of this, a list of a number of smartphones has been released on which WhatsApp should no longer work from this point on. However, this is not true. If WhatsApp is already installed and a mobile number is registered, the application will continue to work. However, there are no more updates.

It is also not clear how the list of smartphones came about. In response to a request from “Spiegel”, WhatsApp said that “no list of supported devices is published, only operating systems”. Below is a list of smartphones that would be affected.

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