Talk about a delivery delay! Instead of mailbox and door-to-door surcharges, someone who works for FedEx has recently gotten a bit creative with their route. Last week, Alabama authorities found between 300 and 400 packages dumped in the forest. Since then, the police have revealed little about the investigation. But on Monday, the Blount County Sheriff’s office confirmed that a delivery driver was identified and questioned in the case.

“There have been a lot of questions about the FedEx debacle, mostly from the media,” Sheriff Mark Moon wrote on Facebook. “Investigators spoke to FedEx security and the driver was identified and interviewed. More to come, please be patient as we are currently working on all the details. Any information we can share will be shared if we can share it. “

Delivery, but for whom?

The forest property owner discovered the packages the day before Thanksgiving. Cardboard boxes of all sizes were placed on a site outside of Hayden, Alabama. The small town is located north from Birmingham, per AP News.

After the find, the sheriff’s office secured one or two pit stops. Meanwhile, FedEx drivers traveled from the southern states to retrieve and load the packages. A neighbor named Natasha Abney spoke to WBMA-TV about the unusual incident.

Natasha said, “I mean, it was just a river full of boxes. Some left, others didn’t. “

A group of eight men worked until Thanksgiving morning to complete the job. These workers collected goodies sent by mail that were “tossed over the forest and piled up at the bottom of a wooded hill,” says AP.

Last Friday, Memphis, Tennessee-based FedEx issued a statement to AP News.

“The security of our customers ‘shipments is our top priority and we are committed to handling our customers’ packages with the utmost care,” said FedEx. “We are taking steps to retrieve and transport the affected parcels as quickly as possible.”

In addition to cooperating with the police, FedEx conducts its own investigations and takes “appropriate action”.

It is currently unclear whether the packages were local, state-wide Alabama, or overseas shipments. The police also did not disclose the reason for the disposal.

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