Against tension and pain: comparison of heating belts

The first question that arises is how “bonded” you want to be with your heating belt. Since products heated by means of a power cable limit the range of motion but quite significantly. However, if you only want to use your heating belt on the sofa at home, nothing stands in the way of buying a device with a power cable.

Another purchase criterion could be the possibility different temperatures Choose. Because some voltages require higher temperatures. Others can be treated effectively at low levels.

A heating belt is so relaxing that you can even take a nap while using it. Well, if the device then a automatic shutdown HAS.

If the heating belt does not work with a cable, but is heated by a battery or in the microwave or oven, the heating time also crucial. While some products cool down after a short time, others promise pleasant warmth for many hours.

If you want to treat yourself to the ultimate luxury, you can also use a heating belt with massage function to catch. Although these devices are usually a little more expensive, they promise maximum relaxation.

We may sweat when using a heating belt. Good if the product shell washable is. If the belt can also be adjusted to different weight classes without sagging or pinching, then a lot has been done right from the purchase.

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