After more than 30 years: the cult car of the 70s returns to the streets

About 150,000 copies were produced until 1988 before the assembly lines finally came to a halt. Today, the Citroën Méhari returns to the streets, albeit in a much different way than most expected.

As “” reports, it is no longer Citroën that is taking over production, but the French manufacturer MLT (Mehari Loisirs Technologie). The car is no longer powered by a boxer engine, but by an electric motor (much quieter) which delivers 15 kW / 20 hp. In this way, a range of approximately 150 kilometers can be achieved.

The successor to the Méhari is only 3.60 meters long and weighs 450 kilograms (without battery). Since it is therefore classified as a class 7Le light vehicle, it can be driven from the age of 16. Prices for the electric vehicle start at 29,000 euros.

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