Catwoman star Halle Berry has said she would like to revisit the 2004 film, but this time with herself in the director’s chair.

In an interview with Jake’s takes On her directorial debut Bruised, Berry was asked to reflect on her previous filmography to consider which film she would like to try again now that she has gained some experience behind the camera. She said she would like to return to Catwoman and “reinvent this world” as a filmmaker.

“I’d love to direct Catwoman. If I can get this under control now, if I know what I know, have this experience, and re-think this world as I re-invented this story,” said Berry. “Bruised was written for a white Irish Catholic 25 year old and I had to reinvent it. I wish I could go back and re-introduce Catwoman and do that again.”

Berry pondered some of the changes she would make to the film if she had the chance to remake it. “I want Catwoman to save the world like most male superheroes do, and not just save women from being shot,” she said. “I would put the stake a lot higher and I think it includes both men and women.”

Catwoman was a massive misfire that many fans still consider one of the worst comic book adaptations ever (if you can call it that, considering how much has been changed). Berry herself said the story “didn’t feel quite right,” but she felt powerless at the time because she was just the “actor” who was supposed to play the title role.

The cinematic revival of Venom, Bane, Deadpool and other superhero characters

Berry’s heroine had almost nothing in common with the source material other than her code name. Anne Hathaway then took on the role in The Dark Knight Rises from 2012, playing a seasoned thief who is desperate to leave her troubled past behind. Zoe Kravitz is next to slip into Selina Kyle’s slippery shoes for Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Kravitz who was publicly congratulated by Berry on social media When she got the role, she revealed that she had to continue practicing virtually while quarantined to prepare for the role, alongside Robert Pattinson. She previously portrayed Batman’s constant enemy and love interest in The Lego Batman Movie.

We’ll see her performance translate into live action when The Batman finally hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

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