If you’re trying to play an Apex Legends or Rocket League online match but you’re having connectivity issues, you’re not the only one. It appears that a massive outage has brought several services and popular websites to a standstill.

As stated on the Google Cloud service status page, it shows that the Google Cloud network is having some issues that are causing some apps like Discord to not work properly. IGN’s sister site DownDector also shows widespread failures on various websites and online services.

The Google Cloud outage shows what happens when technical problems arise with a joint provider. While services such as Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services, which host many customers, experience problems with the service, all services that these providers use are also negatively affected until the provider fixes the problem.

Thankfully, it looks like things are slowly getting back to normal. Google noticed Today at 1:17 pm ET believes “the problem with cloud networking is partially resolved”. Several companies hit by the outages, including Psyonix, have visited Twitter and found that the service outage has been fixed and is back up and running.

We’ll update this article if the outages persist.

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