Activity bracelet with GPS: Buy Xiaomi Watch S1 Active at the best price

We really liked how Xiaomi’s Watch S1 Active works in the test. You can customize the on-screen widgets through the app. You’ll also need to set a lot of settings through the app, as you can’t do that directly on the watch.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Active comes with many sports modes, but many sports profiles have little depth. For example, interval timers, virtual duels, running programs are missing, and sports like paragliding don’t display elevation, speed, or distance parameters. However, if you only want to regularly monitor your jogging route via GPS, you will certainly be satisfied. The heart rate monitor measures heart rate regularly (every 10 minutes) and also monitors blood oxygen and sleep.

The battery lasts a relatively long time: 22.3 hours in GPS mode and 15.4 days in clock mode, which is really good. However, the S1 Active takes a long time to set. Full charge takes too long at more than three hours.

Our conclusion at the time of the test:

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Active shows only “satisfactory” performance in the test. It is one of the cheapest heart rate monitors with GPS. It is available in six color variants and impresses with its sporty design. There is also the sister watch stainless steel and leather strap Xiaomi Watch S1 to choose from. But the watch cannot convince us with its sports functions and equipment: there are gaps and unnecessary abundance. But we really like the service.

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