Absolute prohibition: this is why you should never deposit your ID as a deposit

You don’t need to read the personal identity card law for a long time, because article 1, paragraph 1, clause 3 already says it: “The holder of the identity card cannot be obliged to deposit the identity card or relinquish custody of it in any other way”. Important “This does not apply to authorities empowered to determine identity or in the event of confiscation and seizure”.

Concretely, if a policeman asks you for your identity document, you must show it and the policeman can take it or confiscate it. But you don’t have to leave the person with the rental company.

In any case, an identity document or a passport are not suitable as a guarantee, because according to law both documents are the property of the Federal Republic of Germany. Also due to the personal data stored in the identity card chip and the possible online use, you should refrain from giving out your identity card. However, the legal regulations do not only apply to credit card-sized ID cards.

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