A visit to the vet will cost significantly more: what treatment will cost how much from November 22

Despite the rise in veterinary costs, the Federation of insured persons (BdV) advises against animal health insurance. Its board member, Bianca Boss, basically assigns them to small to small insurance companies. Personal liability insurance and pet owner liability insurance always take priority for pet owners.

The Animal Welfare Foundation Four Paws sees things differently: Whether insurance for veterinary expenses makes sense should always be considered on a case-by-case basis. “Insuring an animal that already has a long medical history is certainly worth more than insuring a perfectly healthy dog,” says Karina Omelyanovskaya.

For the Vier Paws pet expert, however, it makes sense to have cash available for emergencies – whether in a separate savings account or in the form of insurance.

“Although a visit to the practice can now become a little more expensive in general, one should never hesitate to go to the vet, especially in an emergency,” she says. Nor should you skimp on regular check-ups and vaccination reminders, as the costs of treating an illness are usually much higher.

Thomas Steidl of the Veterinary Association also advises pet owners to inquire about insurance policies, which could be particularly useful for young animals to cover peak costs.

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