A simple calculator shows how much it really costs you to smoke

With our free calculator you can find out how much money you will spend on your consumption over the next few years. All you need to do is enter your daily consumption, pack size and price – our calculator will do the rest.

Simple example: you currently smoke 10 cigarettes a day and your pack contains a total of 20 cigarettes. You currently pay 7 euros for a pack.

If you want to completely quit and stop spending money on cigarettes, save 1278 euros per year according to our calculator. Extrapolated over three years, that’s 3834 euros that you can put aside or spend elsewhere. The best thing about it: during this period, you quit a total of 10950 cigarettes, which will have a positive effect on your long-term health.

Ever quit and want to know how much money you’ve saved since? You can find out using our calculator. Enter the same dates as in the first example and the date you stopped – and you’ll see how many thousands of dollars you could have spent on other major purchases.

For example, if you have not smoked since September 25, 2017, you have saved almost 12,000 euros during this period and have given up more than 36,000 cigarettes.

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