“A question of chemistry”: this is what the best-selling book of 2022 is about

According to Statista, almost 30% will read a book at least once a week or more often in 2022. Mystery novels and thrillers have been particularly popular, but historical novels are also increasingly topping best-seller lists sellers.
A current Instagram post from the Tagesschau presents the 2022 bestsellers in various categories in Germany. The novel “A Question of Chemistry”, written by American author Bonnie Garmus, landed at number 1 of the best-selling books.

The 464-page humorous and fictional historical novel chronicles the life of single mother Elisabeth Zott, who yearns for more in her life than a woman in 1961 would think. Finally, Elisabeth appears on the television cooking show “Essen um 6” and shows the public which chemical processes are involved in cooking.

Critics describe the novel as “entertaining”, “witty”, “warm” and “intelligent” and praise the special character of the protagonist. the South German newspaper writes: “Voltage curves are bent with such precision that no algorithm can yet.”. NDR culture praise with the following words: “Today we stand on the shoulders of women like Elizabeth Zott, who fought fearlessly and regardless of their own wounds for women’s rights – and our granddaughters too. “

You can currently buy the novel in hardcover, audiobook, and ebook form.

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