A new malware has appeared: this Trojan steals your data

According to Bleeping Computer, once the application landed on the PC, “RisePro” steals data from the following applications:

Web browser : Google Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon3, K-Melon, Sputnik, Nichrome, Uranium, Chromodo, Netbox, Comodo, Torch, Orbitum, QIP Surf, Coowon, CatalinaGroup Citrio, Chromium, Elements, Vivaldi, Chedot, CentBrowser, 7start, ChomePlus, Iridium , Amigo, Opera, Brave, CryptoTab, Yandex, IceDragon, BlackHaw, Pale Moon, Atom

Browser extensions: Authenticator, MetaMask, Jaxx Liberty Extension, iWallet, BitAppWallet, SaturnWallet, GuildWallet, MewCx, Wombat, CloverWallet, NeoLine, RoninWallet, LiqualityWallet, EQUALWallet, Guarda, Coinbase, MathWallet, NiftyWallet, Yoroi, BinanceChainWallet, TronLink, Phantom, Oxygen, PaliWallet, PaliWallet, Bolt X, ForboleX, XDEFI Wallet, Maiar DeFi Wallet

Software: Discord, battle.net, Authy Desktop

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Anoncoin, BBQCoin, BBQCoin, DashCore, Florincoin, Franko, Freicoin, GoldCoin (GLD), IOCoin, Infinitecoin, Ixcoin, Megacoin, Mincoin, Namecoin, Primecoin, Terracoin, YACoin, Zcash, devcoin, digitalcoin, Litecoin, Reddcoin

The malware also searches the computer for files that may contain credit card information, for example.

Users can easily protect themselves by only installing programs from trusted sources. This is usually not the case with pirated games and software. Either way, downloading from these is probably illegal in most cases.

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