A gaming notebook for less than 1000 euros? Strong RTX power with AMD drive at a mini price

Gaming laptops are usually quite expensive – the XMG Core 15 is one of the few exceptions though, as the device offers good value for money even at the standard price. In the offer, however, the model becomes really interesting.

The XMG Core 15 features a 15-inch Full HD display with a fast 240Hz refresh rate. This model is powered by an AMD bRyzen 5 4600H and an Nvidia RTX 3060. There’s also 16GB of RAM and a 500 GB SSD. The laptop weighs around 1.9 kilograms, which is more than adequate for a gaming laptop. Windows is not pre-installed, but licenses can be obtained online at very low prices.

Our assessment:

With the Core 15, XMG offers a balanced laptop that caters to gamers who want decent performance but don’t want to spend a fortune. In combination with the CPU and Full HD resolution, the graphics card should easily handle all current games, even if not always at the best graphics settings.

But it’s not just gamers who can get it: anyone looking for a high-performance all-around laptop will also get their money’s worth here. However, expect slightly noisier fans and reduced battery life – an issue shared by most gaming laptops.

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