A fix for Halo Infinite’s major teamfight matchmaking bug is on the way

A fix for the Halo Infinite Big Team Battle matchmaking bug is on the way, says developer 343 Industries.

In one Update after the holidays, Halo Infinites Community Director, Brian Jarrard, said the team is continuing to work on a resolution to the game’s Big Team Battle bug that was affecting matchmaking in the game.

“As you know, we’ve had some frustrating issues with BTB almost from launch and despite some attempts to fix and mitigate it before the holidays, we haven’t been able to fix it,” Jarrard explained in the Post. “While BTB has remained playable, there are matchmaking problems that increase with more players, and larger teams have a small chance of successfully participating in a game together.”

“A strike force continued to work on it during the break and we are optimistic to say that we believe we have a solution to the core issue. This went into QA last week and so far it looks positive – us don’t see that. ” The problem occurs internally with this build. “

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While Jarrard didn’t give a specific date for posting a solution to the problem, it sounds like it could be in the near future. According to the community director, the company will continue to test the fix in the near future to ensure that the issue is actually addressed before it is then certified and prepared for release as a patch.

Issues with Infinites Big Team Battle have been causing problems for players trying to participate in games in the past few weeks. During 343 it says in a post from mid-December Since it was aware of the problems at the time, it seemed a little more complex than the team would have liked.

The problem itself can affect any player trying to join a game. However, the studio found that “solo queue players are much more likely to successfully load into a BTB match,” which should be kept in mind until a fix is ​​properly implemented.

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