Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop has had a divisive reception since it premiered, and one line in particular has already taken the internet by storm, and probably for the right reasons.

In episode 3, Jet Black speaks to Woodcock at around 7:40 minutes and says it sounds like she’s blackmailing him. Instead of denying it, Woodcock doubles up and says, “Hmm, damn right because, Jet, you’re black and manly.”

You can see the scene for yourself below thanks to @ Slime11037 on Twitter.

There were many people online who reacted to this scene, which was not found in the original, and shared their surprise at its inclusion.

“I’m desperately trying to reassure the public that cowboy bebop isn’t that bad, but cowboy bebop keeps claiming it’s bad.” Ash Parrish of The Verge wrote.

It has also made its way ResetEra, where users like Krazen interfered.

“I have to see the scene, it depends on how you set up the female antagonist. But as it stands, I can’t tell if I’m offended as a black person or as someone who generally respects writing. Oof, that line wouldn’t even create a CSI Miami script. “

In our review of this new version of Cowboy Bebop, we said, “Netflix ‘live-action Cowboy Bebop manages to uncompromisingly celebrate and embrace the anime, even if some attempts to add to the plot fail.”

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