# Roommates, with lawsuits regarding the deadly Astroworld festival now topping 100, a new one has just been filed, valued at nearly $ 1 billion. According to new court documents, a $ 750 million lawsuit has been filed against Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, Apple Music and others as the death toll has now reached 10 following the Astroworld tragedy.

@NBCNews reported that legal consequences out of the Astroworld tragedy continues as a staggering $ 750 million lawsuit has just been filed on behalf of at least 125 Astroworld victims against Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, Apple Music and others. The lawsuit filed by Buzbee Law Firm, which also includes 21-year-old Axel Acosta, who was tragically killed during the festival, states: “The victims that night went to Astroworld for fun. Neither they nor their families have ever been warned that they would find themselves in an extremely dangerous situation. Acosta was crushed with such force by the incited, unruly and out of control crowd that he could no longer breathe. He suffered cardiac arrest and was then trampled. When he lay there among a crowd of people and died, the music played and streamed – for almost forty minutes. “

In addition, the lawsuit officially alleges that Travis Scott (real name Jacques Webster) intentionally kept the show going, even after local authorities announced that a mass casualty had taken place at the event. “The Acosta family would prefer Webster privately spent money on proper planning, security, and medical staff before the concert, rather than publicly declaring that he would pay for the funeral of those who were crushed and killed,” reads the Legal action.

Court documents also indicate that Travis Scott has allegedly encouraged violence and disruption to his shows in the past, specifically telling his fans to ignore concert security and hurry up the stage – allegations that have been made in the days since the Astroworld incident Were in circulation.

As we reported, over 100 lawsuits have now been filed against Travis Scott and others associated with the Astroworld Festival, as the death toll is unfortunately set to rise.

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