25 euros bonus to start the 149th NKL

Register as a new NKL customer online at www.guenther.de then select at least 3/16 shares of 149th NKL tickets when ordering tickets. Sixteenth tickets are the cheapest ticket shares: 1/16 ticket costs you 11.75 euros, 3/16 tickets cost 35.25 euros. According to the NKL, this gives you a 91.65% chance to hit.

Winnings are paid proportionally to the lottery. The possible first prize with 3/16 ticket shares is 1.875 million euros if you participate in all 6 classes. A class is made up of all the drawings of a month.

Then enter the promotional code BONUS25 on the order overview page and pay only 10.25 euros instead of 35.25 euros for the first of the six courses. For the other five classes of the 149th NKL, 35.25 euros are then due.

You can cancel the NKL at any time by email or card. From the next lesson (= month), your ticket will no longer participate in the draws.

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