2022 in retrospect: these are our games of the year

2022 was undoubtedly a memorable year – also for gaming fans. Game fairs have gradually returned, blockbusters like Elden Ring and God of the war captivated even outside the gaming bubble and even in the cinema you couldn’t avoid the big names in gaming. But which games made the most lasting impression on our publishers last year?

Patrick: Elden Ring

Game Awards 2022 Ring of Elden
Elden Ring will not only revolutionize the soul genre known for its heaviness in 2022. (Source: FromSoftware)

As a long-time FromSoftware fan, my decision for Game of the Year should come as no surprise – and it’s also in line with the majority opinion: Elden Ring is officially the game of the year.

To be honest, I was just expecting another game like Dark Souls, only with a fresh coat of paint – that alone would have been joy enough as Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team still delivered well. Again Elden Ring eclipsed all that: the map that expands in every direction, infinitely creative and varied bosses as well as the gigantic selection of combat styles have been giving me pleasure in the game for months.

In the meantime, I’m patiently waiting for the DLC with another area that will make my jaw drop and a boss that will make even Malenia sweat.

Floriane: Horizon: West forbidden

It may not be perfect, but Aloy’s fight against post-apocalyptic dino robots continues to delight on second try. (Source: Sony)

Aloy’s second PlayStation adventure set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic USA might not objectively be the best game of the year (because who’s getting serious? Elden Ring finished?), but it was just the most fun for me personally.

Where a beautifully crafted world meets creative quests and an easy-to-digest popcorn story, I just feel at home, then pull it all the way through without stressing too much. I was particularly impressed by the fluidity of the gameplay, which was always noticeable – from normal movement to elegant climbing units to very dynamic fights against spectacular mechanical creatures.

That’s why I think it’s extremely commendable that Sony recently announced a DLC story for the game, which is slated for release in the spring of 2023. I can’t wait to dive back into that world.

Thorsten: Total War: Warhammer 3

(Source: Games Workshop Limited)

A look at my Steam library makes it easy to find my game of the year. More than 333 hours are already on the clock for Total War: Warhammer 3. With the third part of the turn-based real-time strategy mix, developers Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive have once again brought the dark and macabre world of dark fantasy to the war hammer-Beautifully packaged and customized cosmos with new gameplay elements.

In addition to a campaign about the torment of one of the many war hammer-Gods, the highlight is a free DLC – “Immortal Empire”. This starts the endless game of the same name, in which the individual campaign is mapped from Warhammer I, Warhammer II and the third part merges into a gigantic landscape.

When choosing a faction, there is also a choice of all three parts and therefore an incredible amount of playing time. Each faction tells its own little story in the game. The whole thing is staged in a very visually stunning: the campaign map shines with playful detail and a harmonious atmosphere – real-time battles with great magic effects, elegant unit design and a grotesquely beautiful landscape. My flawless game of the year 2022.

Ryan: tunic

At first glance, Tunic looks like a Zelda clone: ​​colorful, top view, sword, shield, fits. The mute fox-like protagonist even wears a green robe. But Tunic is much more than Classic Zelda: 2022 Edition.

In Tunic, you don’t understand anything at first. All text on screen is unreadable runes. But individual pages of the game’s scattered manual are gradually being found. At least there are pictures that tell the story and diagrams that explain the controls. And sometimes also small pen annotations in the margin, probably from the former owner.

All this baffled me at first, but I became more and more enchanted. Because: I felt like I was four years old again and playing my first video game. I also couldn’t read the manual or the on-screen texts at the time, but that didn’t stop me from picking up my little sword and exploring the unknown wilderness with open eyes and unstoppable enthusiasm. And Tunic rewards this joy of discovery with every little step.

Fabian: Smartphone Games Marvel Snap Icon

Marvel instant effects during battle
The awesome animations and effects in particular make Marvel Snap more than just a digital card game. (Source: CHIP Level Up)

You can’t imagine how I’m dying to vote a smartphone typing game my game of the year. Not that I haven’t seen great things on PC and console in 2022 too. Above all Guardian of the Galaxy and An exit Stay in my memory and stay with me Pokemon: Legends Arceus, Mario+Raving Rabbids and the midnight suns I had a great time, but either the titles are from previous years or they just have too many quirks for crowning glory. Well, what else can I do?

Not that Snap Marvel wouldn’t be a good game. Oh no, far from it. In Break two players compete in card duels. In six turns, they place cards in three slots and attempt to win the slots with higher power numbers than their opponent. Sound boring to you? no way.

Every map and every location had effects, some of which can profoundly affect and transform the game. Duels are accompanied by beautiful animations and visual effects. The cards themselves are animated in three dimensions, and some of them are played with special animations and sounds. Tours are also short, and monetization is more than fair (no ads, cosmetic-only purchasable items).

A game that has captivated me so much for the past few weeks, whether at home or on the go, that I simply cannot ignore at the awards ceremony. So until I set foot there Elden Ring and God of the war leftovers Snap Marvel the best the 2022 gaming landscape has produced for me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my opponent laid down five sets ago.

Hm, ok then I’m going to set Cap on Stark Tower, Carnage on Bucky and still have enough energy to…

CHIP Game of the Year 2022: Elden Ring

Game of the Year 2022: Elden Ring
(Source: From Software/CHIP)

As Patrick so aptly put it at the start, it should come as no surprise to anyone but From Softwares Elden Ring wins the coveted game of the year award. As before breath of the wild The rock-hard fantasy adventure revolutionizes the landscape of the open world and manages to inspire people beyond the gaming scene. Fifa– have seen the big picture, of their adventures in the “land in between”.

This already from titles like dark souls Familiar gameplay meets an unprecedented open world. At every turn, we encounter new absurdities and mysteries before the next seemingly invincible enemy crushes us. Some frustration tolerance must be present here.

noble ring is undoubtedly the game that shaped 2022 like no other. This makes it well-deserved not only for Game of the Year at The Game Awards or the German Computer Game Awards, but also as a favorite of the entire CHIP editorial team. Hats off, From Software.

Elden Ring

Hardly anyone has passed the Elden Ring in 2022. With the participation of George RR Martin, an open-world milestone has been created here, which pits us against tough opponents in the “middle country”. Every victory is an experience.
Gender: Roleplay
Tongue: German English
Platforms: PC, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series

from 59.99 euros – Buy now

More tests from 2022

In 2022, of course, we also tested a wide range of phenomena. Most of them were able to shine, only a few made us uncomfortable. Below, we summarize the year’s standout tests (rating three and above), regardless of the year of publication of the respective test subjects. The elements are sorted first according to their dimension and secondarily according to their appearance. The links take you directly to the corresponding test report.

WWE 2K22 PS4/5, XBO/S 3/5 hearts
Pokemon Legends Arceus switches 3.5/5 hearts
Nintendo Switch Sports switches 3.5/5 hearts
Vampire the Masquerade – Swansong PC, PS4/5, XBO/S 3.5/5 hearts
Mario Strikers Battle League switches 3.5/5 hearts
SAW PC, PS3, XB360 3.5/5 hearts
Horizon-West forbidden PS4/5 4/5 hearts
The wonders of Tiny Tina PC, PS4/5, XBO/S 4/5 hearts
OlliOlli World PC, PS4/5, XBO/S, Switch 4/5 hearts
The career PC, PS4/5, XBO/S 4/5 hearts
An exit PC, PS4/5, XBO/S 4/5 hearts
Arcadegeddon PC, PS4/5, XBO/S 4/5 hearts
Victoria 3 personal computer 4/5 hearts
Marvel’s Midnight Suns PC, PS5, XBS 4/5 hearts
Gran Turismo 7 PS5 4.5/5 hearts
Triangle Strategy switches 4.5/5 hearts
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy PC, PS4/5, XBO/S, Switch 4.5/5 hearts
God of War Ragnarok PS4/5 4.5/5 hearts
Snap Marvel PC, smart phone 4.5/5 hearts
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Track Pass switches 4.5/5 hearts
Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales PS4/5 5/5 hearts
Uncharted Legacy Collection personal computer 5/5 hearts

What does 2023 hold for us?

Like previous years, 2022 has been a child of the pandemic. In this context, it meant one thing in particular: changes. As a result, the year hasn’t been the flagship fire we’ve been expecting at the end of 2021. Nonetheless, it did offer some top-tier titles.

Now, about a year later, we face an equally rosy prospect. Let it be the successor to the mega hit breath of the wild, suicide squad or star field – 2023 promises to be a crazy year.

However, it is doubtful that he will stick with this lineup. Therefore, enjoy the dates with some caution. However, at least the first few months should be pretty safe.


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