200 euros for your birthday from the state: who receives it and what the money is used for

In total, around 750,000 German citizens who turn 18 in 2023 should be able to benefit from the 100 million euros of the new cultural budget.

Money should be able to be loaded through a special app. The credit is then intended for cultural purposes, which, according to Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth, include:

  • bookstores
  • cinema visits
  • Cultural institutions such as museums
  • record stores
  • concert organizer
  • theaters and cabarets

It is not yet clear which partners will be able to participate, or where the border between shopping and culture is.

If the field test is successful, it is quite conceivable that the model will also be extended to younger people. It was copied in France, where it has been used successfully for several years.

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